We have the technical skills to create virtually any kind of garment — along with a genuine feel for hand-crafted jewelry and accessories.


Everything we touch is handled with tender loving care.
— Gina Heard (Global Product Manager)

Fashion apparel design
Material sourcing

Special Expertise With Extra Special Care

Over 30 years, we've perfected the ability to design, source, and manufacture a truly impressive range of garments — from the most technical, seam-sealed shells to the simplest knitwear tees. Hand-in-hand with these, we offer a unique gift: the chance to create artisan touches like hand-knitted hats, headbands, mittens, scarves, shawls and handwoven belts. Beaded and braided bracelets. Travel pouches, strap bags and knapsacks. Whatever your personal vision, we can bring it to life — in style — from a place of absolute authenticity.